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Greenwald Industries

Greenwald - Ultra Coin Chutes:

The Best Vertical Coin Chutes Are Now Better...

Ultra 5 & 8 Coin Chutes For Maximum Protection!

Features Include:

  • Thick Front Mounting Plate - Protects chutes from direct attack,
  • Stainless Steel Gate - Best protection from rust,
  • Hardened Steel, V- Notch Coin Sizing Block - Greater rejection of slugs, tile and foreign coins than ordinary designs - Lasts longer too,
  • Stainless Steel Sizing Dogs - Superior protection from direct slide forcing,
  • Hardened Steel Slide Buffer Plate - Works with stainless steel dogs to give ultimate protection from direct slide attack,
  • Hardened Steel Ratchet Dog - More protection from direct, physical attack.

Optional, Ultra 5 & 8 Features:

  • One Piece Built - In Magnet- Ultra protection from steel slugs, lower cost and less jamming than other designs,
  • Built-In Anti- Stringing Guard- Ultra protection from stringing and taping type attacks,
  • Built- In Slide Jamming Guard- Locks up chute when slide is forced,
  • Built- In Slide Return Guard- Ultra protection from forced slide return.

Greenwald proudly presents:

Ultra- Guard Maximum Security In Money Boxes!

Features Include:

  • 4 Models- Design engineered for secure fit in all popular equipment,
  • Lock protection- Hardened free- spinning lock shield protects lock from drilling- key removable only when boxes is locked,
  • High Security Front Nose Cone- Case hardened, rounded steel nose cone has greater resistance against drilling than ordinary designs,
  • Thick, Flanged Back Plate- Extra protection from direct attack,
  • Steel Tray- Constructed of one-piece galvanized steel for added stength and rust resistance,
  • 4-Way Gripping lock Plates- Full-sized 12 gauge interlocking hardened locking plates for maximum locking grip all 4 sides of box- increased security,
  • Adjustable To Fit Meter case Variations,
  • Wide Choice Of Locks- From standard to highest security. A design to meet every security need.

Ultra- Guard Options...

  • Thick, Hardened Steel Security Guard Plate- Ultra protection from prying and drilling,
  • Reinforced Nose Cone- Resists tear out- New Feature,
  • Protective Lock Collar - Ultra protection from attack to lock,
  • High Security Locks - The widest selection of security locks!

Multi-Guard 3000 Money box

A cost effective Money Box from Greenwald!

Multi-Guard Features...

  • Depth Adjustable to Meter Openeing,
  • Rust- Resistant steel face plate,
  • Free- Spinning Lock Shield,
  • 4-Way, Full Sized, Thick Locking Plates,
  • Oversized Parts used to Improve Strength and Resist Direct Attack,
  • Tray is One-Piece Rust- Resistant Galvanized Steel Plate for long life,
  • Wide Choice of Locks